ESCP Business School

About ESCP Business School:

ESCP Business School, also known simply as ESCP, is a prestigious European business school with a rich history and a strong reputation for academic excellence. It is the oldest business school in the world, having been established in 1819 in Paris, France. ESCP has since grown into a leading institution with a presence in multiple European countries such as Spain.

ESCP operates campuses in several major European cities, including Paris, London, Berlin, Madrid, Turin, and Warsaw. Each campus offers a unique cultural and academic experience, allowing students to choose a location that aligns with their preferences and career goals.

ESCP is accredited by major accrediting bodies such as EQUIS, AMBA, and AACSB, reflecting its commitment to high academic standards and continuous improvement.

ESCP offers a variety of undergraduate, graduate, and executive education programs in the fields of business and management. The school provides a comprehensive range of programs, including Bachelor in Management, Master in Management, Master in Finance, Executive MBA, and more.

One of ESCP’s distinctive features is its strong international focus. The school promotes a multicultural learning environment, and students often have the opportunity to study and work in different countries through exchange programs and internships. ESCP’s diverse student body and faculty contribute to a global perspective in its academic programs.

ESCP is actively involved in research and innovation in the field of business and management. The school encourages faculty and students to engage in cutting-edge research, contributing to advancements in business knowledge and practices.

ESCP has strong ties with the business community, fostering partnerships with companies and organizations. These connections provide students with opportunities for internships, networking, and career placement.

ESCP’s History:

Foundations of a Pioneering School (1819-1869):

Founded in 1819, ESCP is the world’s oldest business school. It pioneered an innovative strategy from the 1970s, rooted in early initiatives. With over 20% foreign students by 1828, it championed international openness.

Subjects expanded beyond management to include law and applied sciences, forming ESCP’s multidisciplinary model. Strategically located in Paris, ESCP began at Hôtel des Fermes and later moved to Hôtel de Sully.

Consolidation and Maturity (1869-1969):

Between 1869 and 1969, guided by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the school grew significantly. Enrollments increased from a few dozen in the 1820s to almost a thousand by the 1970s.

Noteworthy developments include state recognition in 1890, specialized sections like Maritime and Colonial, a mandatory entrance exam in 1926, higher education status in 1947, and the formation of the Alumni Association and Student Union in 1950. The 1960s saw the integration of IT and a language laboratory.

Reinvented Business School (1969-2019):

In 1969, ESCP gained autonomy, sparking a gradual business model reinvention based on its longstanding values since 1819. The new integrated European campus model emerged in response to global economic changes and the expanding European Union.

Key Milestones:

1969: Creation of a dedicated Faculty and Student Association Tribunes ESCP.

1973: École des Affaires de Paris established, offering an international curriculum and opening doors to women.

1999: Merger of ESCP and EAP.

2009: Creation of ESCP, with expanded campuses in Turin (2004) and Warsaw (2015).

2018: ESCP becomes independent, introduces the European Bachelor degree, and sees a doubling of the student population in 4 years.

Programs at ESCP:

All of our Specialized Masters are official French degrees issued by the French Ministry of Education, recognized in the European Higher Education Area (EHEA), and therefore equivalent to any national qualification of formal education and valid in the Ministry of Education of any country.

MSc in Real Estate:


15 months: 9 months in class + 6 months (internships + master thesis).


Madrid Campus + London Campus

This program includes 2 field-trips:

  • 1 week study trip in Spain: topic “Hotel Operational
  • 1 week study trip to France (Paris & Cannes).
    Travel and accommodation costs for these field trips are
    included in the program price.

    • Participation in International Consultancy Projects,
      where students work for some of the most prestigious real
      estate chains in the world.
    • The program is taught by world-renowned
      professors and professional experts who will offer the
      best professional practices in an international context.
Age Range:

21-29 years (average age 24)

MSc in Digital Project Management & Consulting:

  • Specialization in Project Management (in this case it allows you to sit for the PMP or CAPM certification of the Project Management Institute).
  • Specialization in Business Consulting

15 months: 9 months in class + 6 months (internships + master thesis).


Madrid Campus + Berlin Campus + International Seminar (previous editions have taken place in Silicon Valley, San Francisco, USA)

Age Range:

23-30 years (Average age 24)

MSc in Hospitality & Tourism Management:

  • Specialization in Sustainable Hospitality Management (Turin
  • Specialization in Hotel Development (London Campus)

15 months: 9 months in class + 6 months (internships + master thesis).

Students participate “International Consultancy Projects”, where they work for some of the most prestigious hotel chains in the world.


Madrid Campus + London/Turin Campus + Cornell University (New York, USA)

Study in 2 of the world’s leading tourism countries: Spain and Italy.

Age Range:

23-30 years (Average age 23)

Admission Requirements and Process:

Step 1: Online Application

  • Bachelor’s degree (including all post-secondary transcripts from all attended institutions)
  • Motivation letter in English
  • 2 reference letters in English:
    • One academic (from a profesor) + one professional …or 2 profesional letters
  • English Certificate:
    • TOEFL: minumun100
    • IELTS: minimun 7
    • TOEIC: minimun 945
    • Cambridge: C1 level

Step 2: Interview 

The interview is conducted in English with 2 interviewers. It will take around 30 minutes and the candidate will be asked about his/her curricular and extra curricular background.

The goal is to know the candidate more in depth, and his/her motivations to join the program.

Admission Tests:

from November 2023 to June 2024 at the Madrid Campus.

Tuition Fees and Scholarship:

Tuition Fees:

  • Tuition for MSc in Real Estate: 23.500 €
  • Tuition for MSc in Digital Project Management & Consulting: 23.500 €
  • Tuition for MSc in Hospitality & Tourism Management: 27.900 €


Partial scholarships of €3,000 (awarded on the basis of economic disadvantage or academic merit).

Facilities at ESCP:

Campus Facilities:

ESCP has multiple campuses across European cities, such as Paris, London, Berlin, Madrid, Turin, and Warsaw. Each campus is equipped with facilities such as classrooms, lecture halls, study areas, and meeting rooms.


ESCP Business school has well-stocked libraries with resources related to business, management, finance, and related disciplines. They also provide access to online databases and journals.

Technology Infrastructure:

Modern business schools invest in technology infrastructure, including computer labs, Wi-Fi access, and other digital resources to support students’ academic and research needs.

Student Services:

The Student Services officers are committed to assisting you with various non-academic needs both on and off campus.

At each ESCP campus, a dedicated team is available to provide guidance and support for matters such as visas, residence permits, accommodation, health and personal insurance, scholarships, student cards, career-related projects, sports activities, and more.

Student Housing:

Upon admission to ESCP, each student is provided with a Welcome Pack containing valuable practical information. This pack includes a comprehensive Housing Guide detailing the various options, offers, and services available on each ESCP campus.

Additionally, ESCP students enjoy privileged access to housing platforms featuring specially curated offers. For further details on accommodation possibilities at your specific campus, feel free to reach out to your campus Student Affairs team.

Health and Disability Services:

For the past four years, the school has consistently implemented a policy to facilitate program participation for individuals with disabilities.

Establishing a disability access plan is open to all ESCP students, regardless of the program or campus. Adjustments in studies can be made to offer alternative arrangements that accommodate disabilities or illnesses.

These adjustments will be reasonable, taking into account your specific circumstances and aligning with the resources available within the school. The medical center services operate with confidentiality, and if necessary, the disability access plan can be renewed on an annual basis.

Career Services:

The ESCP Careers Service assists you in defining your career goals to enhance your professional opportunities. Available on all six ESCP campuses, this service offers guidance, information, and resources to connect you with potential employers.

By leveraging the Careers Service, the Alumni Association, and participation in job fairs, ESCP facilitates access to 20,000 internship opportunities and 30,000 job openings annually.


ESCP scholarships are granted based on either merit or financial need, taking into consideration your chosen course of study at ESCP. These scholarships specifically cover tuition fees, and the awarded amounts are subtracted from the total tuition fee bill.

It’s important to note that ESCP scholarships do not serve as funding for living expenses in any manner.

Our Services:

Considering that we are an official representative of ESCP Business School, we provide all admission services, student visas, and university entrance exam registrations for ESCP completely free of charge.

We offer pre-evaluation of your documents including transcripts and English language proficiency results prior to applying to your program of choice.

Additionally, we offer assistance and provide guidance in constructing optimal resumes and personal statements if required for admission.

lastly, we provide a checklist of all the required documents for admission and assist you with applying for residency as well.