McDaniel College

About McDaniel College:

McDaniel College in Hungary, in collaboration with Westminster University America, offers bachelor’s programs in business management, economics, communications, art history, political science, and international studies. McDaniel College was founded in 1867 in the United States.

In addition, McDaniel College offers foundational programs to prepare students for their first year of studies at different universities in Hungary.

Established in 1994, the Budapest branch of McDaniel College embodies the vision of McDaniel College alumnus George Varga, who aspired to introduce a liberal arts dimension to Hungary’s already rich higher education landscape.

Since its inception, the campus has expanded to offer a comprehensive four-year Bachelor’s Degree program, striving to provide the best of U.S. higher education within the dynamic international environment of Budapest.

Since its founding in Maryland in 1867, McDaniel College has been dedicated to cultivating a diverse student-centered community committed to excellence, actively pursuing opportunities for global learning and engagement.

Through personalized mentoring and a focus on individual growth, McDaniel has a transformative impact on lives. We encourage students to explore and develop their unique potentials with logic, creativity, and a compassionate outlook.

By offering flexible academic programs, fostering collaborative and experiential learning, and promoting global engagement, McDaniel prepares students for successful lives characterized by leadership, service, and social responsibility.

McDaniel College takes pride in its Budapest campus, situated in the renowned capital of Hungary, a city celebrated globally for its rich history, arts, and culture. Their goal is to connect students from Hungary, various European nations, the United States, and around the globe with the intellectual and cultural experiences that Budapest has to offer.

McDaniel College Representation:

Our group, as the official representative of McDaniel College in Iran, has been active since 1995, making us the first representative of McDaniel College in Iran.

We proudly announce:

McDaniel College Hungary began its official activities in 1990, and we, as the McDaniel College Agency in Iran, started our activities in 1995.

According to the documents and contracts we have with the college, and the official reports on the McDaniel College Budapest website, which can be verified, our group serves as the official representative of McDaniel College in Iran.

According to the college’s announcement, our group is recognized as the official representative of McDaniel College in Iran. We are the first and oldest representative of McDaniel College in Hungary, officially active in Iran since 1995.

We proudly declare that our institution, as the official representative of the college in Iran, is ready to provide services to interested individuals and young Iranians.

The college has been in operation for approximately 30 years, offering pre-university courses. McDaniel College Hungary began its services with the introduction of pre-university courses.

The official website of McDaniel College Budapest, Hungary, which introduces authorized representatives of McDaniel College in Iran, is the best reference to learn about the authorized representatives of McDaniel College in Iran. Other similar websites with the name McDaniel may exist, but none of them are the official website of McDaniel College Hungary.

Reasons for Choosing McDaniel College in Budapest

Credibility of McDaniel College Credentials

  • Recognition of McDaniel College documents by all universities in Hungary and Schengen and EU countries

High Quality and 30 Years of College Experience

  • Providing American documents after graduation from the college

McDaniel College Courses

  • Offering all pre-university courses in medical sciences, dentistry, pharmacy, etc., to Iranian and international students at the college
  • Offering pre-university courses in medical sciences, economics, and English language known as the Pre-Paritorium Course, using experienced professors at the college in two regular terms or one intensive term
  • Offering all bachelor’s degrees in arts, economics, business, communication sciences, social sciences in English to international students at the college
  • Offering bachelor’s degrees in English to international students at the college approved by the United States

McDaniel College Facilities

  • Good quality educational facilities in English at a reasonable cost
  • Good English language teaching facilities at McDaniel College Hungary at a reasonable cost
  • Providing good educational, sports, and desirable internet facilities with membership fees
  • Affordable tuition at the college, recognized in all European countries
  • Providing health insurance during the students’ study period at the college
  • Opportunities to become familiar with different cultures and international students at the college
  • Excellent library facilities and offering library membership cards to international students

Valid American Degree from McDaniel College Hungary

  1. American Documents of McDaniel College in Hungary
    • McDaniel College in Hungary, offers American documents considering that it is a branch of McDaniel College in the United States.
  2. Exchange Programs and the 2+2 Plan
    • In addition to student exchanges, there is a 2+2 program, meaning 2 years of study in Hungary and, if eligible, continuing for 2 more years at the main branch in the United States.
  3. Visa Conditions for Iranian Students
    • For Iranian students, visa conditions may not be easy, but the main college in the U.S. welcomes qualified students.
  4. Approval of McDaniel College Hungary Documents
    • All documents issued by McDaniel College in Budapest, Hungary, are approved by the main branch of the college in the United States.
  5. Upon Successful Completion of the 4-Year Program
    • After successfully completing the 4-year program, students at McDaniel College Budapest, Hungary, will receive a valid bachelor’s degree from the American branch of the college.
  6. Enriching Educational Experience
    • This degree comes with a rich experience gained through studying at an American institution of higher education in a dynamic multicultural environment.

Education System at McDaniel College:

Hungary is among the advanced countries in Europe with a developed education system that prioritizes education compared to many other European countries.

The education system at McDaniel College, like many other European colleges, consists of several study programs, including:

  1. English Language Training Course
  2. Pre-University Course in Medical Sciences
  3. Pre-University Course in Economics
  4. Pre-University Course in Veterinary Sciences
  5. Four-Year Bachelor’s Degree Programs

It’s important to note that participation in each of these courses is entirely optional, and students can benefit from the college’s education system in various ways.

After completing the pre-university course at McDaniel College and passing the entrance exams for Hungarian universities, students will be able to enter Hungarian universities.

What is a Pre-University Course?

A pre-university course is designed for applicants interested in pursuing higher education in foreign countries, and it is specifically tailored for prospective candidates. After obtaining a high school diploma, students must participate in these courses to obtain the required credentials, enabling them to take entrance exams for Hungarian universities.

Without a pre-university qualification, students who have studied in non-English-speaking countries may not be eligible to enroll in Hungarian universities without an entrance exam. Therefore, a pre-university course is considered essential as a prerequisite for preparing for entrance exams at Hungarian universities.

Pre-University Course in Hungary:

Having a high school diploma from the 12th grade is a prerequisite for entering the pre-university (Foundation) course. The coursework in a pre-university program can vary somewhat depending on the type of college but is generally designed to prepare students for their chosen field of study at the university.

Pre-university courses may differ based on the chosen field of study, with varying coursework for disciplines such as medicine and business.

McDaniel College Preliminary Preparation Courses:

Preparation Courses:

McDaniel College offers applicants the opportunity to enhance their readiness for their chosen programs through two international pre-university programs, with one starting on October 7th (regular) and the other on January 7th (intensive).

Please note that for the issuance of the admission letter, the tuition for one academic year must be transferred to the college’s account. This is to ensure that the original admission letter is sent by the college.

The tuition fee for McDaniel College is 6630 euros for the regular course and 6430 euros for the intensive course.

Pre-University Preparation Course at McDaniel College Hungary:

The pre-university preparation course at McDaniel College is designed for international students and includes both English language instruction and academic subjects. In addition to English, the following subjects are taught:

  • Biophysics
  • Chemistry
  • Biology
  • Medical Terminology
  • Anatomy
  • Hungarian Language
  • History of Hungary

This course is conducted for groups in the field of medical sciences.

Pre-Medical Course at McDaniel College in Hungary:

Since 1990, pre-university courses have been organized to provide additional training or review in the desired field and English language for students who need preparation. This prepares them for entrance exams at prestigious universities such as Semmelweis, Szeged, Pecs, and Szent Istvan (in veterinary sciences).

This course prepares students for study in the following fields:

  • Pre-Medicine
  • Pre-Veterinary Medicine
  • Preparation for Medical Sciences
  • Dentistry
  • Pharmacy
  • Physiotherapy
  • Veterinary Sciences

Pre-University Veterinary Program at McDaniel College Hungary:

This program is designed for students who have a sufficient level of English proficiency but lack specialized knowledge in veterinary issues and veterinary pharmaceuticals. Upon completing the program, they have the opportunity for admission to veterinary school.

The pre-university program for veterinary studies spans one year and is available to all incoming students. You will interact with international students from diverse cultures in small groups.

You will learn to adapt to independent living and prepare yourself for university entrance exams. The pre-university program for veterinary studies also offers a social experience. Social events, excursions to the outskirts of the city, participation in cultural programs in Hungary, and an unforgettable pre-university experience await you.

Duration of the Pre-University Veterinary Course at McDaniel College:

The study period is either 1 or 2 terms:

  • Two-term courses start every October.
  • Intensive one-term courses commence every January.

English Language Course at McDaniel College:

For English language instruction at the college, a course is typically offered. It is recommended for students who do not have an English language proficiency certificate or whose English proficiency is not sufficient for entry into the pre-university course to first complete the English language course for one term.

Students with intermediate to advanced English proficiency can enter the pre-university course. The duration of the English language course at McDaniel College Hungary is one year, designed for adaptation and coordination for all incoming students. International students from various cultures study in small groups, providing a great international experience.

You will learn to live independently and explore a new world, making social events an unforgettable experience for you.

The study period is 1 or 2 terms, starting in October and January. The English language program takes place in the historic building of the international college, where you will also get acquainted with other international students from McDaniel College.

Enrollment in the English Language Course at McDaniel College:

Depending on the English proficiency level of students, it may take one or two terms of English language study to enhance their knowledge for entry into the college.

Bachelor’s Degree Programs at McDaniel College:

McDaniel College is a highly reputable private institution for humanities and experimental sciences located in Westminster, Maryland, USA, where students from 21 countries worldwide attend annually.

The European campus of the college, accredited by the Commission on Higher Education of the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools, has been registered as a foreign higher education institution with the approval of the Minister of Education of Hungary.

The college offers a standard American four-year bachelor’s degree program in Hungary leading to a Bachelor’s degree. A unique feature of this program is that students have the option to complete their final two years of study at the main campus of the college in the United States.

Courses at the college are taught by highly experienced and qualified American, British, and Hungarian professors who hold esteemed teaching positions in both the United States and Europe.

McDaniel College offers the following Bachelor’s Degree Programs:

  1. Business Administration & Economics
  2. Political Science & International Studies
  3. Communication
  4. Psychology
  5. Art History & Studio Art

Educational Topics at McDaniel College:

Biology Course at McDaniel College:

The aim of this course is to provide fundamental knowledge in various areas of biology and prepare you for university exams. Throughout the course, you will become familiar with the principles of biochemistry, cell structure and function, genetic material properties, and human anatomy and physiology.

Classes include both standard lectures and interactive activities such as class discussions and debates. To advance your academic knowledge, you must learn how to convey scientific information both in writing and orally.

Educational Topics in Biology:
  1. Biochemistry
  2. Organic molecules in living organisms
  3. Cellular organization, cell organelles, and other structures
  4. Cellular metabolic pathways
  5. Cell cycle, cell division
  6. Genetics
  7. Viruses and bacteria
  8. Histology
  9. Nervous system
  10. Endocrine system
  11. Reproduction
  12. Movement
  13. Internal transport, respiratory system
  14. Digestive system
  15. Excretory system, immune system
  16. Sensory organs
  17. Review
Textbooks and Supplementary Materials:
  1. Solomon-Berg-Martin: Biology (Thompson Learning)
  2. Study Guide (Exam Bank based on the mentioned book above)
  3. Keyword List
  4. Notes and tests prepared by teachers

Required Documents for Admission to McDaniel College:

To initiate the application process for studying in Hungary and at McDaniel College Budapest, you need to complete the admission form and submit the following documents:

  1. Personal Resume (minimum 300 words): In this article, provide more insight into yourself as an individual and a prospective student. Discuss your family background, educational history, years in school, motivation for joining the McDaniel Hungary program, dreams, aspirations, career goals, and any topic or perspective you find important to share with us.
  2. Photocopy or Official Transcript of High School Grades: A copy or official transcript indicating your high school graduation.
  3. Official SAT-ACT Score Report: If you graduated from a high school in the United States, provide an official transcript of your College Board SAT or ACT exam scores.
  4. Valid English Proficiency Certificate: An English proficiency certificate for all documents not in English.
  5. Two Letters of Recommendation in English: Provide two recommendation letters in English from teachers or high school instructors.
  6. Passport-sized Photograph: Include a passport-sized photo.
  7. Medical Certificate in English: A valid medical certificate in English demonstrating that you do not suffer from any chronic illnesses and are physically and mentally capable of pursuing higher education.
  8. Resume in English (attached separately): Attach a resume in English.
  9. Photocopy of the Main Page of Student Passport: A photocopy of the main page of your student passport containing personal identification information.

McDaniel College Tuition and Fees:

English Language Courses Tuition at McDaniel College:

Depending on the English language proficiency level, if a student requires language instruction for one term or two terms, the fees are as follows:

  • First Term Tuition Fee: 3970 Euros
  • Second Term Tuition Fee: 2660 Euros

Preparatory Courses Tuition at McDaniel College:

Preparatory Courses Tuition fees for an academic year:

  • First Regular Term: 6630 Euros
  • Intensive Term Tuition Fees for one intensive term: 6430 Euros
  • English Language Course Tuition Fees for one term: 3970 Euros

Undergraduate Program Tuition at McDaniel College:

  • First and Second Year: 7200 Euros for an academic year
  • Third and Fourth Year: 7800 Euros for an academic year
  • Estimated book costs for each academic year in the undergraduate program: maximum of 300 Euros per term

Important Notes Regarding McDaniel College Tuition:

A student cannot enroll only for one term of English language courses and pay the tuition for only one term; in fact, the student must pay the full annual tuition fee of 6630 Euros.

Before applying for a student visa, the student must transfer the annual tuition fee to the college’s account in Hungary through authorized exchange offices.

The college does not issue the original acceptance before the payment of the tuition.

McDaniel College Additional Expenses:

  • Document Evaluation and Admission Letter: 200 Euros
  • College Registration Fee: 250 Euros
  • Estimated Book Costs: 200 – 300 Euros
  • Annual Student Health Insurance: 200 Euros
  • Monthly average living expenses in Budapest: a minimum of 700 Euros

Method of Sending McDaniel College Tuition:

After signing the student contract with the institution and submitting the required documents before the college registration deadline, the initial acceptance is issued.

In this initial acceptance, the college information, account number, and the amount of college tuition are provided.

Subsequently, before the end of the registration deadline, in order to receive the official acceptance and secure the educational position in the college, the tuition must be transferred immediately, at least 7 days before the end of the college registration deadline, through authorized exchange offices.

The applicant should, after transferring the tuition to the college account, present the payment receipt and tuition transfer confirmation to the institution.

Due to various issues, it is recommended to transfer the tuition through Hungarian and European exchange offices for better efficiency.

  • Only send tuition fees through authorized exchange offices.
  • Specify your name, passport number, and student ID on the remittance form.
  • Always obtain a receipt for any amount paid to an exchange office.
  • Ask the exchange office to send the tuition receipt and telex after sending the tuition to the college.
  • To expedite the transfer of college tuition, you can also interact with authorized exchanges in Hungary.

Payment of McDaniel College Admission Fee:

The applicant can pay the McDaniel College admission application fee to the college’s bank account in Hungary through authorized exchange offices, stating the name and passport number of the applicant.

The foreign remittance application fee is a minimum of 60 Euros, which must be paid additionally to ensure that the incomplete amount is not deposited into the college’s account.

If desired, the applicant can pay the McDaniel College admission application fee to the institution as the college’s representative.

The college only issues acceptance documents upon receiving the necessary admission documents. If the student withdraws after the application, they must pay the non-refundable fee for issuing the admission document in any period.

McDaniel College Bank Information:
  • Account Name: College International
  • Account (IBAN) Number: HU03-1030-0002-2032-4720-4882-0026
  • Bank Name: MKB Bank
  • Bank Address: H-1056 Budapest, Váci u. 38, Hungary
  • Swift/BIC Code: MKKBHUHB

Delay in Paying McDaniel College Tuition:

In the case of a shortfall and delay in transferring and remitting the college’s tuition:

Before applying for a visa, all consequences resulting from the invalidation of acceptance, or the postponement of acceptance to the next term, or the cancellation of embassy appointments and visa delays, or denial of reappointment by the embassy, are the responsibility of the applicant.

The applicant has a maximum of 2 weeks, and in some cases even less than a week, to pay the college tuition.

McDaniel College Tuition Refund Policy:

If an applicant decides not to attend McDaniel College Hungary before obtaining a student visa and before arriving in Hungary for any reason, the conditions stated on the McDaniel College website will apply.

If an applicant decides not to attend McDaniel College Hungary after obtaining a student visa and before entering Hungarian soil for any reason, they must first void the received study visa with an official request from the embassy. Then, submit a copy of the voided visa to the college, explaining the reason for the refund request, and follow the conditions specified on the college’s website.

In the event that only if the student’s parent or guardian:

  • Has passed away, or
  • Is a soldier, subject to the conditions stated on the college’s website.

The applicant must provide a European bank account number for the refund to be transferred by McDaniel College.

If a negative response is received for the student’s study visa from the Hungarian embassy, the institution will guide and provide counseling to the applicant in this matter.

Non-Refundable Fees at McDaniel College:

Students, if forced to withdraw due to academic or disciplinary reasons or expulsion from McDaniel College Hungary, are not entitled to receive tuition refunds.

Special Conditions for Refund at McDaniel College:

In the case of discontinuation of studies due to a prolonged illness or unexpected conditions such as the death of parents or guardians, commitment to military service, etc., eligible students will be refunded.

Refunds can be processed in the first month of the academic year.

If the student meets the conditions and, after being informed of the above conditions, can submit a formal request along with an official certificate.

Due to changes in refund conditions, colleges in every country, including McDaniel College, recommend reading the refund regulations on the college’s website before taking any action.

Refund Amounts for McDaniel College Special Conditions:

  • Official withdrawal in the first week after enrollment: 80% of the tuition
  • Official withdrawal in the second week after enrollment: 60% of the tuition
  • Official withdrawal in the third week after enrollment: 40% of the tuition
  • Official withdrawal in the fourth week after enrollment: 20% of the tuition
  • Official withdrawal after the fourth week after enrollment: 0% of the tuition, meaning no refund is applicable

University Entrance Exam Fees in Hungary:

  • Entrance exams for Semmelweis University: 350 USD
  • Entrance exams for the University of Szeged: 250 USD
  • Application fee for entrance exams of other Hungarian universities at McDaniel College, depending on the university: 500-100 USD
  • Registration fee for entrance exams of other Hungarian universities at McDaniel College: 200 USD

Costs of McDaniel College Guide Services:

The minimum cost for guide services is 150 euros. The accompanying student does not incur service charges. A payment of 100 euros is required initially, and an additional 50 euros must be paid to the guide after completing the necessary tasks.

Transportation costs from the airport to the applicant’s city and their companions are the responsibility of the applicant and are not covered by the guide’s fees.

If the student has excess baggage, they must hire a taxi door-to-door. The cost of the shuttle and hotel is paid by the student, but necessary arrangements must be made before the student’s arrival.

Overview of Student Expenses at McDaniel College:

  • College Registration Fee: EUR 250
  • Exam Fee for Hungarian Universities at the College (Semmelweis University): USD 350
  • Exam Fee for Hungarian Universities at the College (University of Szeged): USD 250
  • Admission Letter Issuance Fee: EUR 200
  • Cost of Purchasing Books: EUR 300
  • Application Fee for Entrance Exams of Other Hungarian Universities at the College (Varies depending on the university): USD 500-100
  • Registration Fee for Entrance Exams of Hungarian Universities at the College (Varies depending on the university): USD 200
  • City Transportation Ticket with College Student Discounts: Minimum EUR 30 per month
  • College Student ID Card Fee: EUR 10
  • College Library Membership Card Fee: EUR 10
  • Mobile Phone Purchase and Recharge: EUR 10
  • Monthly Internet Membership Fee: EUR 20-100
  • Average Annual Educational Supplies Cost: From EUR 100
  • Sports Club Fees for College Students: Minimum EUR 30 per month
  • Mobile Phone Line Consumption Fee: Minimum EUR 50

McDaniel College Rules:

Adherence to Rules at McDaniel College:

If you are one of those who have recently completed high school and intend to enter foreign colleges for further education, you must first examine the differences between high school and college and adhere to college rules.

You’ve probably noticed in your research for selecting a suitable college in different countries that college rules are much more stringent than high school. This is because college administrators believe that college students are more mature individuals than high school students, and for this reason, they have higher expectations from college students.

A college student is an individual over 18 years old and is considered fully mature, obligated to fully comply with college rules and class regulations.

A student is also obliged to respect the personal and individual rights of other students, in addition to complying with college rules.

Before Starting Classes at McDaniel College:

  1. Control the commuting route and traffic before starting classes at McDaniel College.
  2. Obtain a metro map for commuting to college and identify the routes and metro stations.
  3. Purchase a monthly metro pass for commuting.
  4. You can buy second-hand college books at the college board or from previous-year students at a lower price.
  5. Evaluate the class schedule, traffic, and commuting time, and plan accordingly.
  6. Try to find an apartment along the metro route and close to the college.
  7. Prepare the necessary items and stationery.
  8. College classes usually last until 4:00 PM, and you can either use the college restaurant or bring food from home.

University After McDaniel College:

Over the past 30 years, many Iranian students have enrolled in McDaniel College Hungary for pre-university courses.

One of the frequently asked questions by students and their families is, “After completing pre-university courses at the college, which medical universities can students enter?”

It should be noted that after completing pre-university courses, students have the opportunity to apply to four medical universities in Hungary through exams.

Medical Universities in Hungary After McDaniel College:

Students who complete pre-medical courses at McDaniel College can apply to four medical universities in Hungary. However, they must successfully complete the pre-university course and participate in the entrance exam for the desired university.

It’s worth mentioning that the Pecs and Debrecen universities have separate pre-university courses, but students can still participate in the entrance exams of these universities.

Engineering Universities in Hungary After McDaniel College:

While McDaniel College does not offer pre-university engineering courses, students can, after completing English language courses at the college, apply to two engineering universities in Hungary: Budapest University of Technology and Economics and Miskolc University of Technology and Economics.

Economic Sciences Universities in Hungary After McDaniel College:

The college conducts a pre-economics course, and after completing it, students can apply to universities such as Corvinus University and other economic sciences universities. Additionally, they can apply for bachelor’s programs in arts and humanities offered at the college.

Admission Chances at Hungarian Universities:

The question arises: What are the chances of admission to Hungarian medical universities after completing the pre-medical course at McDaniel College?

According to statistics provided by McDaniel College on its website, more than 90% of students who complete pre-medical courses at McDaniel College can enter medical universities. However, admission chances depend on the effort, dedication, and academic performance of the students.

Advantages of McDaniel College:

Faculty at McDaniel College:

The English language proficiency of the faculty at McDaniel College is excellent, and they bring valuable teaching experiences from universities.

The teaching staff at McDaniel College consists of 42 professors, most of whom have studied in European, American, and British countries.

Most professors hold doctoral and post-doctoral degrees from some of the best universities in the world.

For example, Dr. Adamson, a graduate from the United States, holds a doctoral degree from Indiana University, USA.

Library at McDaniel College:

The college library provides a serene environment for studying and reading, and the college restaurant offers high-quality food.

Housing Services at McDaniel College:

The housing services at the college are among the best information and service providers for housing and apartment rentals for international students.

The housing services section provides information to homeowners who intend to rent their apartments, fostering good communication between students and property owners, offering excellent services.

Tuition Fee Discount at McDaniel College:

The college is by no means tuition-free, and students are required to pay tuition fees.

The college offers tuition fee discounts to students with a good GPA during the academic term, considering them as outstanding students.

Free Services at McDaniel College:

  • Free educational counseling in Hungary during the study period at the college.
  • Free registration services for entrance exams at Hungarian universities.
  • Free assessment of English language proficiency at McDaniel College Hungary.

Free Services from the McDaniel College Agency:

  • Free English language interview preparation for student visa applications.
  • Free classes and courses, introducing instructional videos in biology, chemistry, anatomy, and medical terminology in English.
  • Free psychological counseling courses for life and study preparation abroad.
  • Free registration services for entrance exams at Hungarian universities.
  • Free assessment of English language proficiency by the institution online.

Scholarship at McDaniel College:

There is no full scholarship or student loan at McDaniel College.

However, the college offers the Excellence Award (tuition refund) to outstanding students.

This scholarship, or tuition fee discount, includes a 10% refund of the total tuition cost.

Health and Medical Insurance at McDaniel College:

Health insurance is a type of insurance that covers the costs of health and medical services, treatment, and rehabilitation for insured individuals. It provides arrangements where the insurer pays specified amounts of money, according to the insurance policy terms, to cover hospitalization and surgery costs resulting from illness and accidents, defining it as health or medical insurance.

Students who use specific medications in Iran can bring a small amount of prescribed medication along with a doctor’s prescription and its official translation.

Supplementary medications, commonly used throughout Europe for conditions like sore throat and cold, are generally not prescribed by doctors. Students can use supplementary medications such as Fervex powder and vitamin C.

Medical Treatment and Insurance Costs at McDaniel College:

Health insurance is mandatory for college students and costs approximately 16.50 euros per month, totaling about 200 euros annually. The cost of annual medical tests, including HIV, hepatitis, and chest X-ray for college students, is around 100 euros.

Dental care expenses are significantly high, and students are advised to visit a dentist before traveling to Hungary. The cost of a doctor’s visit for college students is a minimum of 20 euros.

Medications are more expensive in Iran, and it is recommended to bring a small quantity of cold and antibiotic medicines when traveling to McDaniel College.

Our Services:

Considering that we are an official representative of McDaniel College, we provide all admission services, student visas, and university entrance exam registrations for McDaniel College completely free of charge.

We offer pre-evaluation of your documents including transcripts and English language proficiency results prior to applying to your program of choice.

Additionally, we offer assistance and provide guidance in constructing optimal resumes and personal statements if required for admission.

lastly, we provide a checklist of all the required documents for admission and assist you with applying for residency as well.