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Royal Bridge College Canada
Royal Bridge College Canada

About Royal Bridge College Canada (RBC )

Royal Bridge College Canada is a private college that holds the designation as a “designated institution” by the Private Training Institutions Branch (PTIB) of the Ministry of Advanced Education in British Columbia.

This designation indicates that the college meets all the requirements set by the regulatory authority to ensure a high standard of quality in private education institutions.

RBC (Royal Bridge College) emphasizes leveraging the individual strengths of students to create an educational environment where they can cultivate a well-rounded mindset towards language learning, academic skills, and practical career development.

Their approach to education also fosters a deep sense of social responsibility and encourages an interdisciplinary exploration of subjects like arts and technology, which enriches students’ knowledge and aligns with their career aspirations.

Faculties at Royal Bridge College Canada

Faculty of Business: 

This faculty offers a Diploma Program in Business Administration with an optional Co-op program. The program is dedicated to providing students with a comprehensive understanding of business principles, practices, and skills necessary for success in the corporate world.

Faculty of Hospitality: 

The Faculty of Hospitality focuses on providing education and training in various aspects of the hospitality industry. This faculty offers a Diploma Program in Hospitality Management with an optional Co-op program that prepares students for careers in the dynamic and diverse field of hospitality, including hotels, restaurants, event management, tourism, and more.

Faculty of General Studies: 

The General Studies Diploma (GSD) is a customizable program consisting of 20 courses and 60 credits. It offers students the flexibility to select courses aligned with their specific academic and professional objectives. Upon completing the General Studies diploma, students will showcase essential competencies in communication, numeracy, and either social sciences or economic and business literacy, establishing a strong foundation in these areas.

Faculty of Education and Human Services: 

The Educational Assistant / Human Service Worker program is designed to equip students with the necessary skills and knowledge for a fulfilling profession in community and school-based human services. The program is rooted in a solid understanding of community living values and ethical principles. Through coursework and practical placements, students have the opportunity to enhance their interpersonal and intrapersonal skills while gaining valuable knowledge and awareness. Upon graduation, students will possess a comprehensive set of advanced therapeutic and educational skills.

Faculty of Cyber Security:

The Diploma in Cybersecurity offers students a current overview of advancements in the field of computer security. Students gain knowledge about the challenges faced by security designers and administrators, which involve identifying potential threats to computer and network systems, assessing the risks associated with these threats, and developing practical and user-friendly countermeasures that are cost-effective.

Faculty of Data Analytics: 

The Data Analytics Diploma program provides students with education on programming and querying languages related to data. This program equips students with the skills to effectively clean, query, and analyze large datasets using these programming languages. Students will develop a comprehension of machine learning principles, commonly used modeling techniques, and a strong foundation in both numerical and categorical models to drive business objectives. Additionally, the program offers valuable insights into popular tools utilized in big data analytics.

Admission Requirements

  1. Academic Requirements: International students must meet the minimum academic requirements for admission. This typically includes the completion of secondary education that is equivalent to Canadian high school completion. Applicants must submit their official transcripts or academic records, including course grades and graduation certificates. If these documents are not in English, they must be translated and officially certified.
  2. English Language Proficiency: International students whose first language is not English must demonstrate English language proficiency. Accepted language proficiency tests include the TOEFL, IELTS, Duolingo, or other equivalent exams. Students must obtain a minimum score of 6.0 overall on the IELTS academic test, a score of 60 on the TOEFL iBT test, or a score of 105 on the Duolingo test. Please note that the minimum score requirements may vary by program.
    • For some programs, students may also take the RBCo English Placement Exam
  3. Supporting Documents: International students may be required to provide additional supporting documents, such as personal statements, letters of recommendation, and/or a resume/CV. These documents can help provide a comprehensive overview of the applicant’s qualifications and experiences.

Tuition, Fees, and Refund Policy


  1. International Student Tuition: Varies between $12000 CAD – $22000 CAD (see below for examples)
    • Diploma in Business Administration Tuition: $19,800 CAD
    • Diploma in Business Administration with Co-op Tuition: $22,300 CAD
    • Diploma in General Studies Tuition: $20,000 CAD
    • Diploma in Cyber Security Tuition: $12,004 CAD
    • Diploma in Hospitality Management with Co-op Tuition: $22,300 CAD


  1. Application Fee (non-refundable): $300 CAD
  2. Materials Fee: $300 CAD
  3. Assessment Fee: $100 CAD

Refund Policy: 

Should an applicant not successfully obtain their study permit before the start of the term, Royal Bridge College will refund the tuition minus the application fee of $300 CAD. Applicants will be required to provide proof of their declined study permit to be eligible for a refund.


Royal Bridge College operates with open enrollment for its programs, meaning that applications for admission are accepted until the add/drop/change deadline of a specific semester, based on available space.

  1. Fall Term (September Intake) 
  2. Spring Term (January Intake)
  3. Summer Term (May Intake) 

Facilities at RBC

  1. Classrooms: The college has well-equipped classrooms that provide a suitable learning environment for students. These classrooms are designed to facilitate interactive and engaging teaching and learning experiences.
  2. Computer Labs: RBC offers computer labs with access to computers, software, and internet connectivity. These labs allow students to work on assignments, conduct research, and enhance their computer skills.
  3. Homestay Placement: Homestay provides students with the chance to reside with local host families, facilitating their immersion in Canadian culture and enhancing their English language proficiency. At RBCo (Royal Bridge College), they offer support in finding the ideal homestay arrangement that prioritizes the safety and well-being of each student, ensuring they are placed in a caring and nurturing family environment.
  4. Student Counseling: For numerous students, college life can be overwhelming and bewildering. At RBCo (Royal Bridge College), counselors are available to provide support in navigating personal challenges, career planning, and academic difficulties. They are there to assist students in managing and overcoming the various stresses they may encounter during their college journey.
  5. University Pathway Advisory Services: The University Pathway Advisory Services aim to give students a competitive edge by offering valuable information, strategies, and tactics to help them gain admission to leading universities in Canada and across the globe. This service provides students with the necessary guidance and support to maximize their chances of successfully entering top-tier universities.

Our Services 

We offer pre-evaluation of your documents including transcripts and English language proficiency results before applying to your program of choice. Additionally, we offer assistance and guide in constructing optimal resumes and personal statements if required for admission. lastly, we provide a checklist of all the required documents for admission and assist you with applying for residency as well.